Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Good Wife

About a month ago I shot a guest star role on the pilot of the new CBS show "The Good Wife". It's a legal drama, and I was Sandra Pai, a tough 27 year old lawyer from the DA's office in Chicago. I'm only one quarter chinese, but in TV land I find that's enough to be considered asian haha. Fine by me! I was young, intelligent, ambitious, and a bit merciless. I was also well put together. My black spike pumps, slicked back pony (which had so much spray it would stay without the tie), and smart suit attested to that. I was the second prosecutor in the main court case of the episode.

This is me with my partner, the first prosecutor played by Chris Butler. Notice the composed faces...the DETERMINATION! It was a kick ass experience. The director Charles McDougall was great, and I was a sponge soaking up everything I could from watching everyone work.

My close up!

This was our desk with our notepads, evidence, and other things so thoroughly designed by props. All I could think when I saw the water jug was of the outtake in Liar Liar where Jim Carrey pretends the sound of him pouring water is him taking a wonderfully long and satisfying piss.

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